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IST’s MFS02 micro flow sensor utilises thin-film technology to layer platinum micro heaters and temperature sensors on an ultra-sensitive polymer membrane for ultra-low-flow applications.

The MFS02 is capable of measuring the thermal mass flow of gases in a range from 0.001 to 2m/s (up to 50m/s) and has a chip temperature range of -40 to 150C.

Using the same thin-film construction philosophy as IST’s FS series flow sensors, the MFS02 employs a glass substrate with an ultra-thin polymer membrane to achieve extreme sensitivity.

A high-performance material, the polymer is characterised by strong thermal, mechanical and chemical behaviours.

Reduced thermal conductivity of the polymer membrane leads to better thermal contrast and better sensitivity.

Additionally, the sensor’s glass substrate allows for a much higher operating temperature, making the measurement of larger flow rates possible.

IST’s development of the micro flow sensor allows customers to specify dimensions and resistor layouts to fit their own applications.

The MFS02 features a rugged design that is well suited for soldering, conductive gluing or wire bonding.

The sensor element can be mounted as an assembly on an electronic PCB or other carrier and is ideal for mounting in a bypass flow assembly for differential-pressure applications.

An EVA Kit is available through IST for performance evaluation of the MFS02 micro flow sensor.

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