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Precision Microdrives has introduced a micro-sized PCB-mounted vibrator motor, based on a surface-mount form factor, which is suitable for use in many handheld appliances and instruments.

This SMD vibration motor can be reflow soldered and comes on tape and reel for quick and efficient pick-and-place assembly.

A new addition to Precision’s range of Pico Haptic miniature vibrating motors, it offers a tiny PCB footprint and an efficient mass-assembly method.

Micro-sized vibrator motors such as the 304-109 are used in many handheld appliances and instruments where there is a requirement to alert operators and users that an event has occurred.

Termed ‘operator/user alerting’, the vibrator motor has much the same function as an LED, lamp, buzzer or audio alarm.

The benefit of using vibration motors in this way, and vibration-tactile feedback in general (also known as haptic feedback), is that it works in scenarios in which users can’t see or hear the device.

The silent profile in cell phones and pagers is an example of where vibration tactile feedback warns users in a wide range of situations, no matter where the device is actually located.

Precision produces a wide range of vibrator motor form factors in miniature scales from 4mm through to 12mm motors that are easy to integrate into designs.

Precision’s range offers PCB-mounted vibrating motors, including spring and pad vibration motors, reflow surface-mount motors and thru-hole pin and flying-lead vibration motors.

The company also produces self-adhesive mounting coin vibration motors, as well as motors designed with rubber surrounds for easy mounting within enclosures.

The 304-109 surface mount vibrator motor has an external footprint of 4.5mm wide, 13.6mm long and 4.5mm high and weighs in at 0.95g.

This 4mm coreless cylinder motor is based on the same proven technology as the other 4mm, 6mm and 7mm types offered in the Pico Haptic range of micro vibration motors.

The SMD vibrator motor, rated at 3V DC, runs at a nominal 12,000 RPM (200 Hz) while generating 0.6g (5.88m/s) of vibration.

Based on a coreless three-pole design, the motor has a certified start voltage of 1.4V.

Typical current draw is 70mA and the motor has a typical vibration efficiency of 2.7g/W.

With a typical noise output of 50dBA, the motor is quiet for vibration standards and has a standard operating temperature of -20C to 60C, though these can be extended by request.

The motor comes via either cut-tape or as standard package size of 1,000 pcs on a 330mm reel.

This vibration motor is designed for pick-and-place and reflow RoHS-compliant soldering processes.

Precision Microdrives

Precision Microdrives is a reliable and competent UK-based supplier of precision DC electric motors. We manufacture precise, miniature, low-voltage, DC vibrating motors, DC reduction gear motors, and DC brushed motors. We stand for delivering our motors on time and to spec.

We carry a wide range of stock DC vibration motors, gear motors and brushed motors with frame sizes from Ø4mm ~ Ø100mm and offer next-day delivery through Europe. We also manufacture customised and high-volume motor requirements to specification.

Most customers develop customised motors from our base (stocked) range of parts. Common changes include performance alterations, and the addition of wires, looms, connectors and output mechanisms.

Our motors are used worldwide in automotive, medical, consumer, handheld and instrumentation applications. We lead the market in tactile vibration (haptic) feedback and vibration-based operator alerting, and make many of the smallest DC geared motors commercially available.

We have a helpful application and engineering support team, which offers free advice on how to integrate our parts into designs. It also designs and manufactures complete products where precision motion forms the core of the design; our specialisation, is in high-end consumer and medical products.

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