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A range of micro-vibration sensors are now available from Assemtech Europe, offering automatic wake-up systems for hand-held electronic units.

The Sensolute MVS 0608 omnidirectional sensor houses a miniature gold-plated stainless steel ball, which responds to any movement or vibration by bridging the internal contacts on the substrate material.

Typical applications to date include automatic switch on/off for bicycle lamps or for a wireless computer mouse, and sleep/wake-up signalling for portable digital multi-meters, remote control handsets and toys.

With a footprint of 2.85mm x 2.45mm, the sensors are supplied taped and reeled for surface mounting, and are manufactured from FR4 PCB laminate material.

The reaction trip level is typically around 0.05g, giving an output contact resistance of less than 100ohms; with no movement or vibration this switches off, to exceed 30Mohm.

Assemtech sees the omnidirectional sensitivity of the MVS 0608 micro-vibration sensor as a significant improvement compared to earlier sensors of the type, particularly in providing the intelligence needed for triggering remote control handsets and transponders, wireless headsets and other battery-powered devices.

Assemtech Europe is the exclusive UK distributor for all Sensolute micro-vibration sensors.

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