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Microclean, a subsidiary of the TH Group, is ramping up its sales drive in Europe with the launch of a range of static-control products.

Static affects a range of industries including electronics, manufacturing, medical devices, printing, packaging, converting, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing.

A static charge can be created by something as simple as packaging being removed from a printed circuit board or a moving web in a printing press.

The presence of static can lead to several problems.

It can attract airborne contamination to the materials being processed, causing lower yields and wastage.

It can cause repulsion so that inks are repelled from a web during printing or liquids do not flow properly into plastic containers.

There is also the danger to operators of electric shock from a large static build-up and sensitive electronics can be damaged by static.

In the industries outlined, the presence of contamination leads to lower yields, increased wastage and greater downtime.

Static neutralisation technology, when used in conjunction with contact-cleaning equipment, provides the best defence against the effects of contamination.

Key products in the Microclean portfolio include the BR2100 Static Eliminator, which features the following benefits: compact design – 17 x 20mm; effective – Microclean’s static bar offers elimination along the full length of the bar; flexible fixing – a mounting channel runs the full length of the bar and the mounting studs (supplied) can be placed anywhere along the length of the bar making fitting as easy as possible; low maintenance – the bar is easy to clean and maintain; line speeds – the bar can handle line speeds up to 365m/min The operating voltage of the bar is 7kV and it comes with a standard 3m shielded high-voltage cable.

Microclean can also supply complementary power supplies such as the MB7000, which can power up to four bars and provides a stable output voltage regardless of line-voltage fluctuations.

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