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Micromain has released version 7.2 of its Web Request tool, part of the company’s computerised maintenance-management software system, which allows users to submit work requests via the web.

With this tool, employees, tenants, students, clients or others submit maintenance work requests to a central help desk or directly to the maintenance department.

Requesters can also check on the status of their work requests at their convenience – at any time and from any location – using a web browser from their desktop or a web-enabled hand-held device such as a Blackberry, Pocket PC, or Iphone.

Micromain Web Request v7.2 includes a survey feature that allows people who requested work to submit feedback regarding their experience.

This feedback not only enables maintenance departments to improve operations but also enhances the level of requester satisfaction.

Additional features include automatic emails to requesters, expanded login options and the ability to hide or grey out request fields.

Requesters can also skip the login page and directly access the request page if their administrator enables this option.

The administrator interface is completely web based, allowing the entire program to be easily managed and modified as needed, using any web browser.

Users can receive emails regarding work order status, change passwords, quickly view details for multiple requests and send messages directly to the Web Request administrator.

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