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Version 4.903 of Micronic’s Track-IT information management system is designed to enable users to scan tube codes directly into the software. Track-IT is targeted at at biobanks and laboratories seeking to securely organise and track their stored samples.

Track-IT is an out-of-the-box LIMS/LIS solution designed to enable scientists to organise and securely track their storage tubes and samples in seconds.

Fully compatible with most commercial barcode readers, rack scanners and Tubesorter systems, Track-IT allows users to catalogue and organise samples quickly and efficiently. The central information database produced by Track-IT is customisable to match the workflow of the laboratory, as well as to match the unique aspects of different sample types.

Track-IT has been designed to empower laboratory scientists to simply manage sample data and information and make it available to other colleagues in their organisation.

Key features and benefits

  • With the Traxcer code reader software now fully integrated within the system, users can directly trigger tube or rack barcode scanning from the Track-IT program.
  • The new version of the information management system allows users to scan in only five seconds and transfer the codes directly into the Track-IT database program. Using this capability, laboratories can speed up their sample storage processes compared with database programs in which the user needs to upload spreadsheets with scanned tube or rack codes.
  • Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, version 4.903 of the software is able to manage a variety of day-to-day laboratory information.
  • Using intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the labatory, which accelerates information retrieval. Consequently, laboratory staff spend less time on recurrent and time-consuming operations and dedicate more precious time to research activity.
  • Track-IT allows users to import data from existing files into common presentations, undertake cross-database searches, quickly retrieve information and produce reports.

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