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Micronics has announced that it offers a number of flowmeter retrofit applications in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

The original flowmeters, supplied as part of the water processing package, were vane or turbine types, providing 4-20mA or pulse outputs to the water treatment control system.

These had failed after a relatively short time in operation on deionised (DI) water duty.

The pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries use DI water (subjected to ultra-fine filtration) as part of their manufacturing process.

The resultant liquid is super clean, has almost zero electrical conductivity and is very ‘dry’.

Any flowmeter that has wetted moving parts such as turbine rotors, vanes and bearings will suffer from this lack of lubrication and eventually fail.

Any bearing lubrication other than by the metered liquid is not permissible because of possible process contamination.

Unless the failed meter is in a bypass piping arrangement, removing it to replace or repair is not usually possible because of production downtime.

Other flowmeters may also experience problems on this particular application.

Electromagnetic flowmeters, for example, suffer with low electrical conductivity.

Vortex meters suffer erosion of vortex shedding strut and orifice plates are subject to erosion of the sharp-edge profile.

A quick and convenient solution is to retrofit the Micronics Model Ultraflo 2000 ultrasonic flowmeter.

This is a clamp-on non-invasive flowmeter suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 13mm to 1,000mm in diameter as standard and can measure all liquids – even those with suspended solids or entrained air bubbles up to two per cent by volume.

There will be no process downtime, no product contamination (which is important for DI applications) and no moving or wetted parts, according to the company.

Portable and permanent/fixed clamp-on flow meters from Micronics, for simple, accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe!

The Portaflow offers the user quick and accurate flow measurement with its easy to follow menu and simple set-up. Results can be achieved within minutes of opening the case! Application/Use: HVAC and energy system audits, Check system meters, Pump verification, Boiler testing, Leak detection, Filter sizing, Heavy fuel oil metering, Condensate measurement, Balancing systems, Fire pump testing.

The Ultraflo U3000/4000 fixed meter range, offers the user a quick cost-effective alternative to traditional in-line meter installation, plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtime and maximum availability! Application/Use: Hot water metering and flow measurement, Flow measurement for Heat Metering, Chilled water metering and flow measurement, Flow measurement for chilled water energy metering, Potable water metering and flow measurement, Ultrapure water measurement, Heavy fuel oil metering, Condensate measurement.

U1000 a new alternative to cutting pipes and mechanical meters from Micronics, for simple, low cost flow measurement from outside the pipe! Can be used as a standalone meter or as an integral part of an aM&T or BEM’s system.  Simple to install – clamp-on to the pipe, connect power and enter the pipe diameter, no specialist skills or tools required!

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