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Warner Instruments has introduced its new line of Progres Digital CMOS and CCD Microscope Cameras for digital imaging.

The versatile Progres CMOS Camera range allows for quick and precise setting of both specimen and microscope.

The fast live images coupled with CMOS technology and high resolutions make these cameras suitable for education institutes and training labs.

The Progres CCD Research range of cameras feature good colour reproduction and high resolution.

With up to 7 megapixel resolution, these cameras are suitable for high-quality image documentation and elementary image analysis.

To facilitate precise focusing and positioning of specimens, a high-resolution, fast, live image frame rate (up to 50fps) is available.

Particularly well suited for acquiring brilliant images under low-light conditions, the Progres CCD Research range of cameras has been optimised for applications requiring exacting capabilities.

Smooth operation is facilitated by sensitive CCD sensors, optionally available with cooling, that offer high frame rates and a broad dynamic range.

Sophisticated Microscanning Technology allows for capturing images of up to 12.5 megapixels, even in true colour.

All Progres microscope cameras come with Progres Capturepro image-capture software, an intuitive professional software suite that operates with Windows or Mac OSX.

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