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Giga-tronics has introduced the GT-1020A and GT-1040A instrument-grade broadband microwave power amplifiers designed for applications in ATE and lab bench testing.

The amplifiers cover 100MHz to 20GHz and 10MHz to 40GHz respectively, with flat frequency response, low noise figure and low harmonics.

Designed using broadband MMIC technology, these amplifiers typically provide 1/2W (+27dBm) at 20GHz and 1/4W (+24dBm) at 40GHz with >25dB gain and

Gain flatness is typically +/-2.5dB over the full frequency range.

Malcolm Levy, vice-president of sales and marketing of Giga-tronics, said: ‘The GT-1020A and GT-1040A microwave power amplifiers are the latest addition to the Giga-tronics product line of broadband solid-state microwave power amplifiers.

‘They are focused on the many applications in ATE and lab bench testing in aerospace and defence, commercial communications, and microwave component test that require higher power than is currently available in microwave signal generators,’ he added.

The amplifiers are easily used in research and development lab applications and manufacturing automated test systems to overcome power losses from a signal generator or whenever higher power is required.

The small size and light weight make them suitable for lab bench applications, while the ability to place the amplifier close to the device under test minimises cable loss for more optimal testing.

The Giga-tronics GT-1020A and GT-1040A microwave power amplifiers are suitable companions for the Giga-tronics 20GHz and 40GHz microwave signal generators.

The amplifiers also feature high reverse isolation, good input and output match and the long life and reliability of solid-state technology.


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