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Midas Pattern has developed mould tools for a more accessible public information terminal designed by Elephant Kiosks.

Much of the information required by people throughout their daily life is provided via computers and intranet sites.

Many of the people who most need this information either do not have access to the technology, lack confidence or are unable to use it.

It was this realisation that convinced Annette Walker, founder and managing director of Elephant Kiosks, to create a new type of public information access terminal, one that was colourful, tactile, friendly and easy to use and with no sharp corners; one that could be angled and height-adjusted for wheelchair users and children, with a touch screen, language translation, screen readers and magnification.

In other words, one that actively encouraged people to use it.

With a target market that includes a wide range of public service providers, from hospitals, social service departments, education authorities, and so on, the software accessed by the terminal is created on a bespoke basis for each application by Elephant Kiosk’s in-house developers.

Equally critical to the success of the product is the design and tactile quality of the kiosk itself.

Walker worked closely with a local design team and alongside Midas Pattern, which specialises in the production of low production run, large mouldings.

‘The input from Midas was crucial,’ she said.

‘The company checked the manufacturability and cost effectiveness of the design, which saved everyone time and money.

‘We actually achieved our objective of moving from initial design stage to production in three months,’ she added.

In addition to developing the mould tools, Midas Pattern also manufactures and spray finishes the mouldings and assembles the complete Elephant Kiosks, including taking in, assembling and managing the supply of all the purchased components, for example, the electronic components and the touch screens.

‘This type of product has to look good and be robust,’ said Walker.

‘The smoothness of the finished moulding is also important, not only for its tactile qualities but also when, for example, in a hospital environment, it has to be easily wiped clean to avoid cross contamination.

‘There are already 600 Elephant Kiosks installed and working in the UK.

‘The design continues to develop and we have also extended our range of information out-reach products with a mobile hand-held terminal that hugely extends the number of people our clients can reach with their information,’ she added.

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