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Midas Pattern specialises in the manufacture of large-scale, ultra-high-quality polyurethane RIM mouldings for prototype development and short production runs.

These can also be assembled, painted, labelled and finished in-house.

Midas has developed three tooling systems: Fastrim, MRIM and Flexrim.

Using the Fastrim low-cost prototype tooling system, the mould tool is designed in hours and is then machined using CADCAM and multiple CNC machining centres, before being hand-finished by traditional pattern-markers and passed to Midas moulding plant for rapid processing.

Runs of one- to 30-off can be manufactured to full production quality and materials in 10-15 days.

MRIM, which is suitable for production runs of between 1-5,000 parts, is appropriate for creating complex mould tools for short-run production in short lead times, using a blend of laminated and cast resins, incorporating areas of CNC machined aluminium and steel.

Flexrim is used to produce large rubber prototype parts up to 30kg in weight and sizes in excess of 2 x 1m.

Using a flexible polyurethane elastomer, wall thickness from 6mm up to 25mm can be accommodated and localised changes in wall section and undercuts are also possible.

The material used can be painted to replicate in-mould textures.

Midas Pattern

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