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Midas Pattern has successfully implemented a project to supply sets of covers to Prior Scientific, a supplier of customised OEM products to the microscopy and metrology market.

The covers bedeck a new instrument for nanoparticle analysis and characterisation applications.

Prior was approached in early 2010 by Nanosight, a Wiltshire-based company specialising in Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA).

Nanosight wanted to design and manufacture an NTA instrument that uses a laser and novel optical configuration to analyse through advanced software the presence, size distribution, concentration and fluorescence of all types of nanoparticles from 10 to 1,000nm.

A computer-controlled motorised optical stage was specified and it was this functionality that originally made Nanosight turn to Prior Scientific, which had extensive experience in motorised XY microscope stages.

An industrial designer was invited to look at the skeleton of the 400mm-high unit with the intention of designing a set of covers.

Because of the laser, the covers had to be interlocking.

Having reviewed the design of the covers, Midas was able to offer advice on certain criteria, such as wall thickness and mould optimisation.

This information was duly adopted in order to rationalise ease of manufacture and product cost.

Advice was also given on material, with UL96 VO-rated flame-retardant polyurethane being the selected option.

Midas supplies the top cover in a painted grey finish, with the door and base unit cover supplied in blue.

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