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Harcon Precision has selected the MIE Dashboard document management software (DMS) and workgroup software from MIE Solutions.

The company purchased MIE Dashboard in December 2009.

The software features include: document management; chat; task management; journals; calendars and more.

Harcon specialises in applications for computers, electronics, medical and biomedical products.

Its CAD/CAM system is directly linked to the manufacturing machinery, providing accurate response to customer drawings and specifications.

MIE Dashboard is intended for businesses whose employees want to share information, collaborate, chat, manage tasks, documents and files, and other business-related tasks.

It can be used in organisations with thousands if users who want to easily manage their daily business activities.

MIE Solutions has also released a free version of MIE Dashboard, which can be extended by purchasing additional widgets beyond task management, internal company chatting and document management.

MIE Docs is a file management system designed for a single user up to an organisation of thousands of users.

File management systems are designed to solve the problems associated with storing, managing, finding and tracking files used throughout an organisation.

MIE Docs file management is said to lower the costs of handling and storing documents and saves staff time by providing both instant access to documents and business process automation.

MIE Docs centralises the storage of files into an easy-to-use virtual drive.

MIE Docs is said to have a seamless integration into Windows Explorer, which makes integrating with documents in their native program simple.

Right click, drag-and-drop, and cut-and-paste are all available through the virtual MIE Docs drive.

Internal company chat offers the ability to chat with any business associates without worrying about users chatting outside the company walls.

Chats can be associated to tasks and files.

The Tasks widget has four different options: My Tasks, Completed Tasks, Assigned By Me, and Assigned By Me Completed.

Notes can be added to tasks as they are being completed and allow other people to check on the progress of the task.

Users can create notes by clicking on the Note widget and post them on their desktop.

A note can also be turned into a task and assigned to an individual.

The Journal widget allows anyone to keep any type of electronic information in a simple-to-use hierarchical interface.

Journals can be shared among users and can also be password protected.

The Calendar widget allows the whole company to see what is on the calendar.

Reminders can be added to the calendar that pop up when due and there is an option to add the Tasks widget to the calendar so that tasks also appear on it.

Calendars can be shared or made private, depending on the user’s needs.

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