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GYS has launched the Pearl and Pearl XL single-phase MIG inverter welders designed for small to medium-sized companies undertaking light fabrication and maintenance work.

The welders are also suitable for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts.

The Pearl and Pearl XL welders are suitable for welding mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel using standard MIG or flux-cored welding wires.

The feature GYS power management technology; integrated flexible voltage, which automatically adapts to any voltage in the range 85-265V; and power factor correction technology, which increases efficiency.

In combination, these features are said to overcome power supply problems caused by imperfect generators or long extension leads.

A feature of these machines is GYS’s synergic welding technology, which gives the welder good welding characteristics including a perfectly controlled welding current to give a very stable arc, producing a smooth weld bead requiring no further finishing.

To achieve this, all the welder has to do is program the current and sheet thickness, then weld.

If the operator wishes, traditional manual setting of the welding parameters can be selected.

On the front panel two control knobs and a large digital screen allow the welder to easily set the required parameters.

The specification also extends to both machines being supplied with a Euro removable welding torch and earth clamp, plus a fixed power cable.

In addition, the Pearl XL will accommodate a large 15kg wire reel, feeding it through a four-roller system.

The 230V Pearl is rated 120A at 60 per cent duty cycle using a 13A plug and 0.6-0.8mm-diameter MIG wire as well as 0.9mm flux-cored wires, both from either 100mm- or 200mm-diameter wire spools.

It weighs 10kg.

The 230V Pearl XL is rated 120A at 60 per cent duty cycle using a 13A plug and 0.6-1.00mm diameter MIG wire as well as 0.9mm flux-cored wire, both from either 200mm- or 300mm-diameter wire spools.

It weighs 18kg.

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