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Migatronic has released the Intelligent Gas Control (IGC), which cuts gas consumption by 50 per cent in MIG/MAG welding.

IGC is a dynamic gas control that monitors gas consumption from the beginning to the end of the welding process.

It ensures automatic calibration of the gas flow according to the density of the individual gas type and optimises gas shielding for the chosen synergic welding programme.

IGC is a configurable option that is designed for all Sigma2 welding machines with synergic and pulse-control panels.

A traditional gas regulator creates over-consumption of gas at the start of the welding process, whereas IGC provides accurate gas shielding according to the welding application.

IGC takes control once the weld pool is established and ensures perfect gas shielding throughout the welding process.

The result is uniform welds, a lower failure-rate and increased productivity.

The gas savings through IGC are documented by extensive tests carried out in realistic production environments, based on daily arc time and varied usage patterns including short-arc and spray-arc welding plus pulse welding.


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