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Migatronic has added two models to its range of compact, mono-phase Delta welding machines, both of which can weld thicker plates than the three existing Delta machines.

The models are a Delta 200 HP TIG/MMA machine with pulse function and high output in the current range 5-200A and a Delta 180 E MMA machine in the current range 5-180A.

Delta 200 HP weighs 10.7kg and Delta 180 E has a weight of 9.5kg.

In addition to assembly and repair jobs, the two machines are also suitable for workshop use.

With casings of aluminium and plastic in the new Migatronic design, the welding machines are portable and sturdy.

With the scratch ignition, the Delta 180 E MMA can also be used for simple TIG welding.

The welding machine features hot-start, arc power functions and protection against fluctuations in the mains voltage and the welder has the option of a plus or minus pole on the electrode clamp.

The flexible Delta 200 HP machine features operational comfort and is suitable for quality welding of stainless steel, mild steel and all other DC-weldable materials.

In TIG welding, with or without pulse, it is possible to use up to 3.2mm tungsten electrodes and in MMA welding, the machine welds with up to 3.2mm covered electrodes.

Two-stroke or four-stroke TIG with HF or LIFTIG ignition are optional functions.

Delta 200 HP features arc control and variable gas postflow and in both TIG welding and MMA welding, the machine can be operated through a remote control unit.

The set welding current is easily read on the digital control panel.

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