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The Abanaki Mighty Mini SST can remove one to two gallons of medium-weight oil per hour (depending on belt selection).

Its stainless-steel construction enables it to operate in harsh chemicals and heat, while its integrated timer lets it run only when needed.

The Mighty Mini SST minimises water content in the disposed oil.

The optional Oil Concentrator further reduces the water content in the oil to less than two per cent.

It is compact and fits underneath most CNC machines as well as inside parts washers.

The small footprint even allows the Mighty Mini SST to fit through the bung hole of a 55-gallon (250 litre) drum.

Belts are available in 1in (25.4mm) and 2in widths and lengths of six, 12, 18 and 24in.

Both sides of the belt are wiped for better efficiency.

The Mighty Mini SST weighs only 8lb (3.629kg).

It can be installed in seconds.

Among its features are: an integrated 24-hour timer; fan-cooled motor; belt materials available for specific applications; chip resistant, baked-on powder-coated base and housing; spring-loaded stabiliser bar; 3ft (914.4mm) clear discharge hose and clamp; 8ft grounded power cord with plug; and stainless-steel construction.

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