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GYS has launched the Trimig 255-4S, an easy-to-use three-phase synergic MIG/MAG welder designed for maintenance and general fabrication welding using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The company said it is particularly suited for heavy-duty welding of mild steel and stainless steel using 1mm-diameter wire.

The three-phase, 7.5kVA, 400V 50/60Hz machine is rated 220A at 35 per cent duty cycle at 40C and 150A at 60 per cent duty cycle at 40C.

Features include three welding functions – normal welding, spot welding with adjustable spot diameter, and delay spot welding with spot welding time adjustment between two spots – while the synergic welding mode provides the user with fast and easy setting by simply turning the control on the front panel to ‘optimal synergic’ then inputting the wire type, the wire diameter and the power.

The equipment will then automatically set the optimum wire speed setting ready to weld.

In the synergic welding mode, the machine is factory-set for Ar/CO2 for mild steel welding.

To set for CO2, the user can simply use the control panel.

Using the normal manual welding mode, the wire feed speed can be adjusted between 1- 15m per minute and the voltage can be set using the 10-step switch.

The equipment comes supplied with a 4m-long 250A long torch and earth clamp, while an accessory pack containing contact tips, contact tip supports, nozzles and springs is available as an option.

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