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The Kobold Instruments MIK magneto-inductive flowmeter is ideal for measuring the flow of conductive liquids in applications that require reliability and low pressure loss.

The MIK measures flow using the magneto-inductive principle.

According to Faraday’s law of magnetic induction, current is induced into a conductor as it moves through a magnetic field.

The amount of current induced is directly proportional to the velocity of the moving conductor.

In the case of the MIK, a conductive liquid passing through the meter body acts as the conductor.

The meter body contains a set of electromagnetic coils that generate the magnetic field.

Electrodes mounted in the meter body collect the current, whose magnitude is proportional to flowrate.

The MIK is solid state and has no moving parts to wear.

Viscous and dirty liquids are measured with no accuracy degradation.

The wetted materials for the flow body are either Ryton with 316L stainless-steel electrodes or PVDF with Hastelloy C electrodes, suitable for pressures up to 145lbf/in2.

A variety of fitting styles and materials are available including PVC, PVDF, polypropylene and stainless steel.

A variety of electronics packages are available, including frequency or current outputs, adjustable flow switches and integrated totalisers or batch controllers.

Flow ranges available cover from 0.013-0.26 GPM through to 10-200 GPM, with an accuracy of two per cent and a repeatability of one per cent of full scale.

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