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Mikron Assembly Technology has announced the G05, a modular linear assembly cell that uses a cam drive for all primary motions to maintain synchronisation between the working units and the pallet indexing system.

Fixtured pallets enter the cell and are advanced and indexed in steps of 60, 120, 160, or 240mm depending upon the model, and each assembly step is followed by a systematic check.

Designed for use in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the G05 is built using aluminium and stainless steel and is suitable for clean-room use.

One of the cell’s main features is its modularity — comprising a series of building blocks, namely a stable base frame, a process module supporting standardised handling units, standard conveyors and standardised basic software, the G05 is otherwise completely customisable, increasing choice, flexibility and efficiency, while reducing costs and delivery times.

Key features

  • Complies with EMC standards
  • All components designed for speeds of 100 cycles per minute
  • Cell door has a counterweight and locking system that enhances ease and safety of use
  • HMI has been improved, using PC graphics in a PLC architecture
  • Sound level of cell has been reduced
  • Modular design aids flexibility
  • Reuse rate: 60 per cent
  • Designed to reduce electromagnetic pollution
  • Conveyor belts carrying the part-holder pallets are protected and cells are accessible for cleaning purposes

Mikron Assembly Technology

Keeping Customers One Step Ahead


Mikron Assembly Technology is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance assembly solutions for the Pharmaceutical / Medical Devices, Automotive, Electrical and Consumer Goods industries. 


With over 30 years’ experience, Mikron has installed more than 2000 systems worldwide. The company’s 400 employees, located at plants in Switzerland, the USA and Asia provide first-class customer support throughout the world.


Range of products:

G05 linear assembly system integrate manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic modules to meet your individual assembly/process needs, with operating speeds from 4 up to 100 cycles/minute.


G05 Polyfeed is an innovative flexible feeding system offering speeds of up to 60 cycles/min using vision based parts recognition.


G05 Palletizer is a palletizing system for handling trays up to 400×600 mm.


Production assistance: Mikron provides production assistance services to facilitate the implementation of our new systems into production. Mikron personnel coaches your operators and maintenance staff at your facility during the “ramp-up” production stage.

Medical Validation: A dedicated team with vast Pharmaceutical expertise offers full medical qualification support in accordance with FDA, EU-GMP and GAMP 5 – from design to delivery.


Mikron Assembly Technology’s mission is to deliver the most reliable, precise and productive solutions to keep its customers one step ahead of the competition.

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