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Okuma’s mill-turn centre combines the power of a 45kW CNC lathe with that of a 37kW machining centre capable of removing 610cm3/min of S45C steel using a f100 face mill.

The Okuma Multus B750-Wx3000 features an automatic, three-station changer above the counter-spindle/tailstock for long boring bars of up to 1.27m.

Target applications for the five-axis mill-turn centre include one-hit production of parts for the oil industry and power-generation sector, as well as larger aerospace components.

The multitasking machine has a diagonally ribbed bed to ensure a highly rigid structure.

The spindle is also very rigid, as it uses two sets of double roller bearings (front and rear) and one single roller bearing to absorb radial forces, plus a double angular-contact ball bearing to resist axial cutting forces.

The B750 features advanced collision avoidance whereby the Okuma OSP-P200L control monitors the entire machining area in real time during an automatic machining cycle or in manual mode as well, preventing the axes from being wound by hand into a collision situation.

Okuma maps the spindle head, slideways and guarding in addition to the tool, holder, spindle, fixture and component.

The result is a reduction of up to 40 per cent in the time needed to write programs involving the simultaneous interpolation of multiple axes.

An additional safety function within the control uses a monitor to watch the torque of each motor and stop it within 3.2ms in case of overload.

All other motors are run down at the same time.

Another feature that characterises the B750 is Okuma’s patented Thermo Friendly Concept, which is applied to the machine structure and the spindle.

Together with the use of 0.1um-resolution linear scales in the orthogonal axes, it compensates for the effects of ambient temperature variation of up to 8C on a shop floor, limiting thermal deformation to less than 20um over a 24hr period.

The milling spindle swivels through 30/-210deg in 0.001deg increments.

A multi-tool indexing function is available that enables up to six different turning inserts mounted on the same tool to be used.

In place of a turning tool, the swivelling B-axis spindle accepts HSK-A100 (Capto C8 / BT50) tools, exchanged from a 40-station chain-type magazine (80 and 160 ATC are options), for carrying out heavy prismatic machining using up to 37kW of power at 40 to 10,000rev/min.

Roller-bearing linear guideways, which are up to three times more rigid than ball guides, allow the B750’s weight-bearing capacity and precision to be combined with 40m/min rapid traverse in X, Y and Z, leading to short idle times.

As befits a machine required to turn large components, the main and opposing 2,000rev/min spindles with C-axis and 142mm diameter bore are powered by 37/30kW motors.

Larger bore sizes of 185 and 275mm are optional, in which case the 1,500 and 1,000rev/min spindles are driven by 45/37kW motors.

All are belt-driven and switchable to maintain good torque characteristics across the speed ranges.

In the Multus B750, the spindle centreline and swivelling operator panel are 1.45m from the floor.

Options include a tailstock and two types of SMW steady rest.

The Okuma control uses an industrially hardened PC to run the Okuma operating system and Windows XP.

It is therefore possible to display Excel files listing machining instructions, tooling, offsets and performance results.

Optional NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) interpolation is available to increase accuracy, improve surface finish and reduce cycle times when manufacturing complex curved geometries.

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