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Miller Electric has introduced the Big Blue 400 Eco Pro welder generator for work in pipe welding, structural steel, fabrication, field maintenance and repair applications.

Offering Stick, TIG, MIG, FCAW and CAC-A processes, the Big Blue Eco Pro reduces fuel use up to 25 per cent and is 44 per cent smaller/41 per cent lighter than other models with similar output.

Its 5,500W of peak power is enough to run lights, grinders and many electrical tools, while its Mitsubishi S4L2 Tier 4i-compliant diesel engine is designed to run 10,000 hours before a major overhaul and produces 50 per cent less noise than previous models.

Taking into account average diesel costs of USD4/gal and the habits of a typical user – 50 per cent idle time, 40 per cent at 150A and 10 per cent at 400A – a welder can save up to USD1,990/year per machine in fuel costs, without sacrificing performance.

Fuel savings and long engine life are achieved by tailoring the machine’s output to the user’s demand: the machine runs 1,500rpm at idle, 1,800RPM for welding up to 350A and 3,000rpm for high-power applications up to 500A.

The Big Blue 400 Eco Pro offers weld outputs and duty cycles to match a range of heavy-duty industrial applications: 300A/100 per cent duty cycle for Stick, TIG and Flux Cored welding in economy mode (1,800rpm); and 400A/100 per cent duty cycle for welding and 500A/40 per cent duty cycle for carbon arc gouging (up to 5/16in carbons) in power mode.

All rated outputs are rated at 104F and tested to 122F for optimal performance and integrity.

Circuit boards are protected by Miller’s sealed aluminum vault that protects the machine’s electronics and performance from heat, moisture, dust and other atmospheric contaminants.

The operator interface is simplified with colour-coded output terminals, a weld process select switch and newly designed fuel gauge/monitor.

The fuel gauge includes an hour meter, oil change interval monitor, high coolant temperature/low oil pressure and low-fuel shutdown that shuts down the engine before it runs out of fuel, making restarts easy.

The machine also features thermal overload protection to prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.

Up to 44 per cent smaller and 41 per cent lighter than other models, the Big Blue 400 Eco Pro takes up less room and reduces transportation costs, while cutting operating costs by reduced fuel consumption.

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