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Miller Electric will present several MIG and fume-extraction solutions in booth 2336 at the Westec 2010 Exposition taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, from 23-25 March 2010.

Products on display will include the Alumafeed Synergic aluminum welding system – designed to produce ‘stacked dime’ pulsed MIG welds with minimal training, the Filtair 130 portable fume extractor, the Millermatic Reach wire feeder and the Arcstation welding workbench.

Miller’s Alumafeed Synergic aluminum welding system is designed for high-volume, high arc on time industrial aluminum applications requiring conventional MIG and pulsed MIG welding outputs.

With Alumafeed, there is no learning curve for experienced MIG welders in order to understand system controls.

Novice welders can make production-quality pulsed MIG welds within hours using the system’s synergic control and the Profile Pulse output, which creates a ‘stacked dime’ weld bead appearance without torch manipulation.

Alumafeed offers a long reach and lightweight portability for large aluminum weldments such as boats, ships, yachts, emergency vehicles, trucks and trailers, recreational vehicles and general aluminum fabrication.

The Millermatic Reach wire feeder extends the range of the Millermatic 212 w/Auto-Set, 25l, 252 and 350/350P MIG welders up to 40ft, and adds dual-wire-feed capabilities to any application for reduced spool changeover downtime.

The Reach feeder connects directly to the power source’s 10-pin Amphenol connector and retains the full welding output of the power source.

Miller’s Auto-Gun Detect technology allows users to switch between the Reach feeder and the standard MIG gun attached to the power source, allowing for the use of multiple wire sizes and types without changing spools, drive rolls or tension settings.

Designed specifically to capture the sub-micron particles present in welding fumes, Miller’s Filtair 130 fume extractor offers the highest rated particle removal available in a portable extractor.

Weighing 46lb, the Filtair 130 can be carried on site and provides 132ft3/min air displacement.

The unit comes with a standard 8ft collection hose.

Also available are optional 17in and 34ft hoses, which can connect to funnel or slotted nozzles or a fume extraction welding gun.

Miller’s Arcstation welding workbench offers an affordable and fully customisable workspace designed for a wide variety of both professional and hobbyist welding applications.

Welders can choose a 30in x 30in or a 30in x 60in table and can customise it with optional accessories, including an x-pattern table top for simplified clamping and clean-up, X-Clamps, tool chest, weld curtain, vise and an assortment of shelving options.

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