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Having reviewed the processes of Norjon Engineers, Taegutec has recommended a tooling package to cope with Norjon’s increased workload.

Gosport-based Norjon Engineers has found its success through investing in technology and employing a highly skilled workforce according to company owner and managing director Kevin Fox.

The business has acquired a series of CNC machine tools that includes Bridgeport VMCs and Haas turning centres with more recent introductions including two five-axis Hermle C20 machining centres and two Mazak MY-Nexus turning centres.

Since Fox acquired the business, it has diversified considerably from producing seals for ship propulsion units and automotive test rigs to virtually anything that comes through the door.

With the company increasing its workload and diversifying into new sectors, the complexity and range of parts has gradually increased.

Now producing anything from one-offs to batches of 20+ from aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and additional difficult materials the company has needed to investigate new tooling suppliers to meet the high specifications of its machine tools.

To this end, the company invited Taegutec representative Iain Lacayo to review the company’s machining processes and tooling philosophies.

The first tool to be trialled was the Taegutec Chasemill 16, 25 and 32mm diameter milling cutter on an aluminium hovercraft component.

It immediately made an impact by raising speeds and feeds to increase productivity.

The Chasemill also improved tool life and surface finish.

Aluminium and steel inserts can be used in the cutter giving the company additional flexibility while reducing tooling costs in comparison to the previous solid carbide cutters.

The Taegutec representative was then introduced to the company’s milling section and the TT9030 grade quickly provided benefits to this section.

Milling inconel keys for a marine customer, Norjon was previously using two to three sets of inserts per batch of 50 keys.

Now, the company only uses one set of TT9030 inserts per batch.

The tool-life gain has reduced Norjon’s tooling cost while eliminating downtime caused by insert changes.

Added to this is the fact that the cycle time on the inconel job has fallen from one hour to 30 minutes per key.

A similar result has been achieved in the turning section on another inconel part that required a 12.7mm deep hole.

With 102 holes per part, Norjon was using three to four drills to machine the component.

Taegutec’s 5.3mm diameter TT9030 grade carbide drill was used and it comfortably machined all holes without needing a tool change while improving surface finishes.

This led to Taegutec’s 16mm diameter 4XD T-Drill being used on a number of turned parts where tool life was improved by over 50 per cent with surface finish also benefiting from the new tools.

‘The tool-life improvements have been extremely important to us,’ said Fox.

‘We machine our parts in one hit and having to stop a job mid-cycle for a tool change is not a productive option.

‘The Taegutec tools have also improved confidence.

‘Consistent performance ensures that our staff can run a set number of parts before a tool change is needed and this eradicates a need to constantly man a machine when producing batch runs.

‘The performance, tool life and cost reductions have been major success for our business and we now hold consignment stock of Taegutec tools, with the Mazak Nexus machines now having the full Taegutec tooling package,’ he added.

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