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Kennametal is introducing its Beyond Blast milling inserts, designed to optimise high-speed milling applications to maximise milling productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

By channelling coolant through the insert, at the interface of the milling cutter and insert, Beyond Blast delivers coolant directly where the tool cuts the material to ensure efficient coolant delivery, heat transfer and lubricity.

At high cutting speeds, the rate at which heat is absorbed by the tool increases with velocity.

To optimise their performance, tools must be adequately cooled.

Proper coolant flow means improved tool life and higher maximum effective cutting speeds.

If not properly cooled, the insert will heat up rapidly.

This can shorten tool life and affect surface finish, because of built-up edge (BUE), where workpiece material bonds to the cutting edge.

Traditional flood coolant jets are uncontrolled and wasteful, aimed at the cut often hit behind the cutting zone and custom high-pressure solutions (1,000psi or higher), can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install and maintain.

With Beyond Blast, coolant is delivered through the insert, at the interface of the milling cutter and insert – delivering the best of both worlds.

‘In tests involving titanium turning, Beyond Blast inserts at 100psi were showing 75 per cent improvement in tool life over the same inserts with flood coolant at 100psi,’ said Osny Fabricio, senior product manager.

‘In a different test to evaluate the influence of coolant pressure, tool life for Beyond Blast at 100psi was nearly that of identical insert geometries at 1,000psi – higher cutting conditions or longer tool life at lower cost,’ he added.

In milling tests involving titanium (TiAl6V4), the results are said to have shown tool life increases of 250 to 300 per cent, depending on the insert geometry and cutting conditions.

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