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Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, is demonstrating its range of milling machine tools at Mach.

Exhibiting 13 Doosan machines in total, Mills is showcasing four CNC milling machines from its ranges of vertical and horizontal (three- and five-axis) machines.

The VC 630/5AX five-axis machine has a rigid construction, exhibits excellent vibration and heat-dissipation characteristics, and handles parts with maximum workpiece sizes of 730 x 500mm, and maximum workpiece weights of up to 500kg on its 630mm diameter table.

The VC630/5AX uses the most advanced level of Heidenhain iTNC 530 control, with 1000 block look-ahead contour capability.

Also included are Heidenhain’s collision-protection and kinematic axis calibration functions.

The machine is equipped with a high-torque 12,000rev/min 32kW spindle and features the dual-contact Big Plus face and taper configuration.

Axis travels on the machine are 650 x 765 x 520mm in X, Y and Z with corresponding traverse rates of 40m/min (X), 40m/min (Y) and 36m/min (Z).

The machine’s five-axis capability is delivered through the use of an A- and C-axis, enabling users to machine parts (simultaneous five-axis or via 3+2 operations) by using the VC630/5AX’s trunnion (+30/-120deg of movement) and rotary-table configuration (continuous 360deg of movement in the C-axis in 0.001 increments).

Rapid rates in the machine’s A-axis and C-axis are 20rev/min and 30rev/min respectively.

The VC630/5AX is also equipped with a 60-station, bidirectional, double-arm ATC (BT 40) and the machine’s tool-change time (T-T-T) is 1sec.

Two DNM machines are being exhibited by Mills at Mach.

The DNM 650 vertical machine, equipped with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 Control, is the largest in the DNM range and has a 32kW 12,000rev/min spindle, generating high torque (203Nm); a 30-position tool changer and a large work table (1,300 x 670mm).

The machine provides manufacturers with a solution for high-speed contouring, machining hard materials, high stock removal and deep-hole drilling.

The DNM machine-tool range equipped with Fanuc controls is also represented at Mach by the DNM 400 machine.

The DNM 400 machine has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 762 x 435 x 510mm respectively; a 15kW 12,000rev/min spindle and 30-position automatic tool changer.

The fourth and final milling machine being taken to Mach by Mills is the HP 5100 from the company’s horizontal range.

The HP 5100 is a high-performance horizontal machining centre that is geared up for a range of machining applications.

The machine pallet size is 500mm with X-, Y- and Z-axis traverses of 850 x 700 x 750mm respectively and a 22kW 14,000rev/min 40 taper spindle (BIG Plus standard).

Non-cutting time is reduced due to the 60m/min rapid feeds and 1sec tool-change time.

The machine has full 0.001deg B-axis table capability, two-station APC and a 120-position tool magazine.

Also featured is the machine’s nanotechnology high-speed contouring function for high-speed/high-accuracy milling.

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