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Mimix Broadband has introduced a GaAs MMIC high-power amplifier with 35dBm pulsed saturated output power and 22dB large signal gain.

This XP1072-BD power amplifier covers 34 to 37GHz and achieves 25 per cent power-added efficiency (PAE).

The device is well suited for millimetre-wave military, radar, satellite and weather applications.

‘This XP1072-BD multi-stage amplifier delivers high power and efficiency for Ka-band applications, with a saturated output power of nearly 4W,’ said Jeff Kovitz, product manager, Mimix Broadband.

‘It also serves as the foundation for our balanced +37dBm XP1073-BD device, and, in conjunction with our XP1017-BD driver amplifier, it provides a solution for many Ka-band high-power amplifier requirements.’ Mimix performs 100 per cent RF testing on the XP1072-BD.

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