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Spraying Systems has produced a laboratory-scale heated spray unit designed specifically for research and development (RandD) work.

The Accucoat Mini-Heated spray system is derived from the company’s automatic full-sized Accucoat Heated spray system.

The Mini version replicates the performance of its larger counterpart on a reduced scale and with manual operation.

The company said that it is an effective research tool on projects involving resinous adhesives, viscous lubricants or food products such as chocolate, sugar syrup and fats.

In lab testing, new product development and process feasibility studies, the Mini-Heated system can help researchers avoid considerable waste.

The Mini unit is mobile and designed for plug-and-spray connection to power and compressed air supplies.

Integral with the caster-mounted stainless-steel skid are a five-litre pressure tank for the liquid chocolate, pneumatic and electric controls and hot water reservoir with heater and circulation pump.

Any spray gun/hose assembly designed for the full size Accucoat can be used with the Mini system and can be connected within seconds.

All components are fully jacketed and liquid temperature is monitored and controlled from pressure vessel to spray orifice at any chosen level from ambient to 70C.

The equipment is said to be easy to set up, operate and clean.

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