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Minicom Advanced Systems has introduced the Smartrack 232, an LCD drawer with a built-in KVM switch that reduces cable clutter and streamlines workflow at the rack.

The space-saving Smartrack 232 is an integrated KVM switch for two users, with simultaneous access and control of up to 32 mixed-platform (PS/2 and USB) servers.

The product is rack mountable and hardware based, and is claimed to be the most compact choice for KVM access to servers at the BIOS level.

Ideal for dynamic data centres, the Smartrack 232 can be combined with other Minicom products for a number of different access options, such as remote access over IP, or the extension of the distance of a remote user with the KVM Extender USB.

This flexibility means that the Smartrack 232 can accommodate the needs of data centres as they change and grow.

Minicom said the KVM Extender USB is a good solution for accessing computers centralised in one secure, environmentally controlled location.

Clean rooms and kiosks, for example, require a KVM workstation that is physically removed from the computer or KVM switch.

Users in a professional setting benefit from being able to work at their desks without having to get up and go to a server room in order to access a computer or KVM switch.

Businesses can benefit from saving space and money by eliminating the need for a dedicated KVM workstation.

Because one user can switch between and control two computers, while a second user can control one computer, the KVM USB Extender is ideal for PC SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) environments, such as an executive and secretary.

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