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Minima Design has completed a joint project with Cambridge Micro Engineering (CME) and Norwich-based C-Thru Music.

The result is the Axis 49, a USB ‘plug-and-play’ version of the Axis 64 hexagonal electronic keyboard.

Minima had already worked with C-Thru Music to produce the Axis 64, the company’s first full-size electronic keyboard featuring an unconventional key layout.

The key shapes are tessellating hexagons, forming a harmonic table, where every single, double or triple key-press creates a harmonic sound – something a regular-shaped keyboard cannot achieve.

In order to fulfil the latest brief and bring the benefits of the smaller Axis 49 instrument to the home/studio market, Minima’s design is powered by USB as a ‘plug-and-play’ peripheral for laptops and home computers.

Minima Design

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