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The Ministation from Strongarm is the ideal solution for situations where adjustability and exact positioning of the operator interface are important.

It features Strongarm’s industry-standard Vertica articulating arm, providing up to 30in of counterbalanced vertical adjustability.

The Ministation’s diverse selection of displays, keyboards and pointers allows the customer to specify the exact components needed for their operator-interface requirements.

The Ministation can be mounted to a wall, a machine top or a free-standing post.

A selection of extensions provides further mounting flexibility.

This allows the Ministation to be installed wherever space permits, while simultaneously allowing the operator to quickly and easily position the display exactly where needed.

Typical applications include: use of the display for set-up, then repositioning it out of the way during operation; repositioning of the display for use on opposite sides of a conveyor belt; and moving the display up and over an obstruction.

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