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Minus K Technology has designed an ultra-low natural-frequency optical table isolation system for applications such as analytical balances, cell injection, confocal microscopes, patch clamping, optical microscopes, wafer probing, sensor calibration and laser systems in fields such as semiconductor processing, telecommunications, aerospace engineering and medical research.

The MK52 negative-stiffness optical table — also suitable for applications requiring high resolution, such as Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy — achieves 0.5Hz or lower vertical and horizontal natural frequencies while supporting static loads.

According to the company, the MK52 can be configured for a variety of locations and applications — wherever external vibrations can adversely affect the operation of sensitive equipment.

Key specifications

  • MK52 is available in table sizes of up to 4 x 8ft (1.2 x 2.4m) with gross load capacities of up to 2,000lb (909kg)
  • When adjusted to a 0.5Hz natural frequency, the system achieves 93 per cent isolation efficiency at 2Hz, 99 per cent at 5Hz and 99.7 per cent at 10Hz

Minus K Technology

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