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The Oilmiser Vapor Guard (OVG) is designed for rotating, lubricated machinery such as gearboxes and bearing housings that are vented to atmosphere.

High working loads, continuous operation and internal moving parts will generate oil mist and fumes in the air space inside the gearbox.

Rising temperatures and thermal expansion mean these fumes must exhaust through the air vent into the workplace.

Falling temperatures mean that outside air must re-enter the gearbox through the same air vent.

The most visible signs of this breathing in and out are an oily mixture of dust and dirt that coats the machinery, and a puddle of oil under the air breather that runs down to the floor.

These are the external housekeeping issues.

Less obvious, but much more serious, are the mechanical issues.

The dirt ingression past a leaking gasket and the reduced life of mechanical seals are the end result of an ineffective, oil-saturated air breather, and the internal pressure and vacuum fluctuations it causes.

The OVG traps oil mist and fumes that migrate out of the gearbox, before they foul the air filter.

The OVG has a central diffuser post inside a sealed aluminium-containment chamber.

The migrating vapours are dispersed inside the containment chamber, where they condense back into liquid oil.

The condensate runs down the diffuser post and inside the walls of the containment chamber, where it collects at the bottom.

From here, this recovered and uncontaminated lube oil is channelled back into the gearbox through bleed-back holes, where it can continue to do the job of lubrication.

The OVG is offered in two configurations: the standard length OVG-6200 version and the double-length OVG 6220 version.

The OVG 6220 version has a longer containment chamber, giving a longer dwell time for the migrating fumes.

This allows an increased amount of condensate to be removed.

There are no moving parts or consumables inside the containment chamber.

The complete diffuser post can be easily removed from the Oilmiser Vapor Guard for inspection and cleaning and then reinstalled to continue protecting the gearbox.

Diffuser posts are interchangeable and come with standard male pipe threads, from 1/2in (12.7mm) NPT to 1in NPT.

Many other male and female thread configurations are also available.

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