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Dugard, in partnership with Air Cleaning Systems, has supplied a mist-filtration system to Winton Precision Engineering as part of Winton’s hydraulic valves and fittings manufacturing contract.

Cardiff-based Air Cleaning Systems supplied its 1000dpv freestanding electrostatic filtration system that has been specifically designed for use in conjunction with sliding head lathes.

‘The 1000dpv was fitted to eradicate the fume problem we encountered as mist would fill the entire workshop and create an unbearable and unhealthy working environment,’ said Winton Precision’s managing director, Peter Kenchington.

The Dugard 32 at Winton was purchased with a barfeed and part catcher, so once the machine was set up, it would run all day with minimal operator intervention to produce more than 900 parts per day.

The 1000dpv ensures that, by keeping the machining enclosure under negative pressure using a 250W integral fan/motor assembly, there is no egress of mist into the workshop.

The air-cleaning unit is also interfaced with the fire-suppression system – so if a fire is detected, a signal is sent to the unit to shut down the fan.

This prevents damage to the dpv from either the fire or suppression media.

The oil mist that was previously airborne is now filtered from the machine envelope by the 1000dpv.

The dpv incorporates two combined collector cells and ionisers that filter the oil as it passes through.

The Air Cleaning Systems unit has a drain-off pipe that enables the oil to be either disposed of or redirected back to the machine sump.

At Winton, the dpv attached to the Dugard Eagle is capturing more than 10 litres of oil mist each week from the work envelope and sending it directly back to the machine.

At a current cost of GBP1.30 per litre, the 1000dpv is saving Winton more than GBP13 per week, as well as the reduced machine downtime.

Air Cleaning Systems

For over 20 years, ACS has been at the forefront of supplying engineered solutions to a range of air filtration problems. Specialising in the control of coolant/oil mist/smoke from machining applications such as turning, milling and grinding, ACS is uniquely positioned in the market to tailor its products and services to deliver practical solutions.

In satisfying the needs of our customers, we help create solutions which make for a cleaner, safer working environment.

The ACS range of air cleaners are designed for direct attachment to most machine tools – removing respirable particulate from the machining enclosure thereby protecting people, computers, machinery, air conditioning and heating plant.

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