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Mistral Solutions and Ashling Microsystems have announced the availability of Mistral’s Ashling Opella-XDS560 Debug Probe.

Opella-XDS560 is a high-performance JTAG Debug Probe supporting all Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) platforms.

Opella-XDS560 works with TI’s Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE) and seamlessly plugs into the CCStudio environment, allowing convenient debugging of application code running on the target system.

Key Features of Opella-XDS560 include: support for all TI devices, including OMAP35x applications processors, DaVinci video processors, TMS320C6000 and TMS320C5000 DSP platforms and the TMS320C2000 MCU and TMS470 platforms; fast, easy-to-install USB 2.0 high-speed interface (480Mb/s); wide target voltage range: 0.5 – 5.0V; target JTAG clock rates from 500kHz to 50MHz with full support for adaptive clocking (RTCK) of debug data from target; high-speed real-time data exchange (RTDX) support (allows rapid data transfer between host and target, non-intrusively in real-time); RTDX data rates of more than 2MB/s are supported; real-time, non-intrusive breakpoints and event triggering; code download speeds at more than 500KB/s; support for 14- and 20-pin (compact TI) JTAG target connectors; full support for TI’s DBGJTAG low-level JTAG test utility (supplied with CCStudio).

Opella-XDS560 supports CCStudio version 3.3 and version 4.

Opella-XDS560 is also available as a bundled solution with the OMAP3 EVM.

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