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With the Misumi web ordering system (WOS), the entire ordering process can be carried out, from searching for a product, configuring CAD data, through to creating the quotation and placing the order.

The required work is selected, placed in the electronic shopping basket with a click of the mouse, paid for at the virtual till and then dispatched.

Since the beginning of this year, users have been able to order a wide variety of components consisting of standard, purchased and custom-made mechanical parts via the web ordering system.

The WOS product search can be carried out using the component description or, for users more familiar with what is on offer, a fast search can be carried out using the Misumi code or part number.

The system can also be used in conjunction with the extensive main catalogue Mechanical Standard Components for Factory Automation.

The corresponding catalogue pages are provided for each component and PDF downloads containing all technical and commercial information for documentation purposes are also available.

After selecting the required component, the user receives an overview of the key technical product features as well as the option to complete a CAD configuration.

The CAD configurator from Misumi has been integrated into the WOS.

In addition to the neutral data previously available, native data is now also provided for all current CAD programs.

New components, which are added each time the catalogue is reprinted, are also continuously added to the WOS online catalogue.

Using different menu tabs, the component is displayed in 2D with all of the required dimensions and possible additional options or as a 3D model.

The data for the parameterised components can then be downloaded in the chosen format.

After selecting the suitable parameters, the part number for the item is automatically generated.

This avoids the possibility of mixing up numbers or letters as well as other potential errors that could occur when sending in written or typed requests by fax or by email.

When submitting an existing article number, this is immediately checked by the system and possible errors are highlighted so that they can be cancelled.

This means the Misumi sales department and customers do not need to deal with any unnecessary delays resulting from queries or amendments.

The Misumi item number can be linked to a customer-specific part number also provided in the parts list, which can, for example, make it easier to check incoming goods at a later date.

Users can also upload parts lists from different applications including Word, Excel, SAP or ASCII text files using the ‘copy and paste’ function.

Any errors found in the request are also displayed in the list of results.

WOS promptly determines prices and delivery times for components; if the parameters of the component are changed at a later date, the system updates the details accordingly.

The order is then transferred to the virtual shopping basket and all of the product data is transferred to the WOS quotation and order module.

By clicking on the request quotation button, the quotation is generated with a delivery date.

The quotation is available as a PDF file for documentation purposes or for other internal use.

Misumi designed its web ordering system with an extensive quotation and order history.

This allows users to call up a quotation at a later date and check before placing the order whether any changes have been made to prices or delivery times.

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