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Rolls-Royce has started a company-wide adoption of Mitutoyo’s U-Wave system to further enhance its existing measurement control process, after extensive trialling demonstrated that the Mitutoyo system was superior in terms of reliability, range and robustness under product conditions — and could also offer anticipated investment savings of more than 25 per cent.

U-Wave wireless measurement data system

The system imports measurement data from Mitutoyo devices with Digimatic output into standard PC software applications for local processing.

According to the Mitutoyo, U-Wave is particularly powerful when combined with the Measurlink 7 software suite, which offers a multi-user data warehousing system providing quality measurement data available for viewing and analysis by any member of the production, engineering and managerial staff.

High reliability, expandability and particularly good cost efficiency are said to be dominant features of U-Wave. Some 400,000 data transmissions can be sent on just one battery charge, with up to 100 measuring instruments transmitting to a single receiver.

The U-Wave is now the strategic solution for wireless gauging by the Manufacturing Systems Centre of Competence for use across Rolls-Royce and its subsidiary companies.

Key benefits

  • A standard USB hub can link a total of 16 receivers to a company’s production network to form a total solution for acquisition and analysis of measurement data from the production floor.
  • Within the 2.4GHz band used, the channel frequencies can be freely chosen to avoid interference when using several receivers in the same area.
  • With ‘Event Drive Mode’, any change in value sensed by a measuring device is detected and the data automatically transmitted to a U-Wave receiver, where it is stored ready for use when required. This function is intended for measuring instruments installed at inaccessible locations or where there is no continuous operator oversight.
  • Visual and acoustic confirmation of data transfer ensures ease of use and instils operator confidence. Transmitters are protected to IP67, thus ensuring a long life when used in challenging operating environments.
  • The design principle of dividing the cable and transmitter into two separate components saves cost.
  • Changing the connection cable is all it takes to adapt a transmitter to any Digimatic measuring device.

Over the past 25 years Mitutoyo has earned a solid reputation by providing customers with the best products, the best service and the widest range of measurement solutions available anywhere in the world.

Long-established links with national standards organisations, investing in the best people and the finest facilities, and a belief in building strong customer relationships are the fundamentals that keep us at the forefront of measurement technology. Manufacturing excellence is paramount at Mitutoyo. Standards are linked worldwide both by our own procedures and those of the ISO organisation.

At Mitutoyo we continue to invest money, time and effort in providing the best possible solutions for our customers in terms of sales, support, repair and training facilities. Our nationwide resources and the backing of the finest production and research establishments ensure that an investment in Mitutoyo products and services is a wise business decision.

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