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Citizen Machinery has launched a high-productivity ABX turn-mill centre, which, according to the company, is suitable for maintaining quality and performance when cycles involve considerable levels of milling or hard turning to replace separate grinding operations.

The ABX-64SYY has the ability to machine long shafts with a Z-axis travel of 721mm.

The Fanuc control has Miyano’s ’stealth technology’ incorporated into it, which allows on-site fine tuning of the machine to account for individual working environments, or tailoring performance to suit specific applications.

By monitoring through strategic sensors, the machine can be fine-tuned to counter effects or influence on a critical process requirement of thermal growth, for example, during warm-up and areas such as heat generated from the high power drive motors.

The ’stealth technology’ also allows other factors, such as the influence of high-pressure coolant supply and heavy-duty cutting involving extensive milling and drilling at high penetration rates, to be accommodated.

Key product features

  • A 64mm bar size, 6in chuck, twin-spindle, twin-turret machine with driven tools and 40mm of Y-axis cross feed.
  • 11-tonne, heavy-duty solid-way machine.
  • 15kW main spindle and 7.5kW secondary spindle with automatic part transfer at 30m/min rapid traverse.
  • Two 12-station all-driven turrets, each with 4.5kW, 6,000revs/min driven tool speed and up to 40Nm of torque.
  • Turrets can work at the same, or both, spindles in enhance simultaneous cutting capability.
  • There are a number of options for the Miyano ABX-64SYY, including high pressure coolant, a parts-catcher and outfeed conveyor, a parts carrier for longer components and a range of automation packages.
  • Software packs include helical interpolation, rigid tapping, variable lead thread cutting and tool life management.

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