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The BNJ 51SY2 turn/mill centre from Miyano has helped Paragon Precision Products add capacity and capability to its business, allowing it to bring in-house work it previously outsourced.

Paragon has seen the good and bad times in the manufacturing sector and the company’s philosophy of investment in technology, zero company debt and building strong customer relationships puts the subcontractor in a positive position despite the current downturn.

The subcontract family business is now run by brothers Mark and Paul Kratovil who maintain their father’s strong business philosophies.

Evidence of this is the recent investment in seven Citizen sliding head turning centres, three Mazak turning centres and the most recent acquisition, a Miyano BNJ 51SY2 turn/mill centre that all complement Paragon’s current range of CNC machine tools.

Despite operating its facility up to 18 hours a day with just one manned production shift, the Milton Keynes-based turning specialist had a backlog in its capacity that led to the Miyano acquisition in September.

Paul Kratovil, managing director of Paragon Precision Managing Director, said: ‘As a turning specialist we were subbing out the majority of our milling work and being happy with the supplier, we considered maintaining this situation and buying two two/three-axis turning centres to ease our capacity issue.

‘Following a recommendation from one of their engineers we attended Citizen’s Open House in October, which featured a Miyano model that seemed just right for components that needed extensive milling and for jobs outside the diameter capacity of the Citizen range of machines.

‘We considered other machine tool suppliers but after receiving good reports and feedback on Miyano machines, the decision was made from there.’ The order was placed in September and the two-spindle twin-turret model shown at the Citizen Open House was delivered to Paragon within a month.

The ISO: 9001-registered company, which serves the defence, aviation, automotive, fibre optics, medical and scientific research sectors immediately resolved its capacity issue while reducing the milling work it was subcontracting out.

Kratovil added: ‘Instead of opting for a turning centre dedicated to simplistic work, we went for the Miyano as it can machine complex as well as simplistic parts.

‘This decision has paid dividends as the Miyano’s capability to machine complex parts has taken work that was dedicated to the sliding head machines and freed capacity in that section.

‘The Miyano BNJ 51SY2 has also enabled us to bring more of our subcontracting work in-house and this has saved us considerable sums.’ The 15-employee company predominantly machines connectors and sensors from materials such as plastics, bronze, aluminium, glass-filled nylon and stainless steel in batches from 50 to 30,000 with the average batch run being approximately 500 to 3,000.

The Miyano suits this type of work as its rigid construction enables it to comfortably machine difficult materials while producing good surface finishes and accuracy levels.

Kratovil said: ‘The BNJ 51SY2 lends itself well to the connector industry – an area where a large percentage of our work is based.

‘This diverse industry is increasingly giving us work outside the diameter range of the 32mm diameter capacity of the sliding head machines and this is where the 51mm diameter range of the Miyano has paid dividends by bringing in more work.’

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