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MK Consultants has launched a range of embedded intelligent radio transceivers for use with portable electronics products that require reliable, long range and repeatable wireless interconnectivity.

The iGenesis instruments operate in the UHF bands of 434, 457, 868 and 915MHz, with a VHF 169MHz version also available.

They also operate in narrow-band 25kHz channels, producing adjustable RF power up to 15mW, coupled with a receiver sensitivity in excess of -120dBm and blocking immunity against interference.

Housed in a fully shielded SIL package with compact overall dimensions of 44 x 15 x 5mm, the iGenesis series can be used for M2M, Bluetooth and Zigbee replacement for enhanced performance, automatic meter reading, home automation and wireless sensors.

The modules have an operating voltage range of 2.8 to 6V DC and can achieve a wireless range in excess of 1km.

A comprehensive software serial data interface, including user-selectable parameters such as operating frequency, power, data rates, plus transparent or packet protocol selection, is designed to ease implementation.

iGenesis embedded radio modules have an operating-temperature range of -20 to 60C and meet worldwide radio approval standards.

For high-volume applications, MK Consultants also offers the modules in a surface-mount format, suitable for SMD assembly processes.

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