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MK has introduced its Quickdesigner, a standalone software program that allows users to quickly design and layout an MK Guarding System to meet specific requirements.

According to MK, Quickdesigner can reduce engineering time by over 80 per cent, as well as reducing order-processing and lead times.

The software does not require use with licensed design programs but is compatible with popular CAD systems, allowing users to create STEP, IGES and JPEG files as needed.

Users can choose to design and build one panel at a time, clicking on each panel for modifications or to attach additional panels to complete the guarding system.

A second option allows users to create the footprint of the guarding area and populate the footprint with the guarding required.

With the third option, users import the equipment drawing to be guarded, specify the offsets between the guarding and the machine, and the program populates the area with the requisite guarding configuration.

The MK Guarding System is then shown in 2D and 3D models for added efficiency and visualisation.

The program generates a complete bill of materials, including cut lists for extrusions and panels, parts lists, machining services required and all the necessary information for fabrication and assembly.

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