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Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) has introduced a device capable of delivering 200Gbytes of storage capacity in a single-platter design.

The 4,200RPM S-ATA MK2060GSC is the highest-capacity automotive-grade HDD available.

This makes it suitable for telematics manufacturers, improving the in-vehicle user experience by integrating automotive infotainment systems, self-diagnostic systems, satellite GPS, navigation and communication tools into premium automobiles.

The MK2060GSC’s launch builds on Toshiba’s existing automotive product line, which in 2009 had 75 per cent of the global marketshare.

Its development meets growing auto-industry demand for increased capacity HDDs, fuelled by consumer desire for multimedia applications and navigation systems physically integrated into their cars.

As of March 2010, Toshiba has cumulatively shipped 14 million automotive-grade HDDs to market, in line with the Berg Insight forecast that by the end of 2009, 3.5 million passenger cars in Europe would have an onboard telematics system.

Similarly, IDC has forecast that automobiles will have in-dashboard infotainment systems that provide audio, video and navigation information to passengers by 2012.

The MK2060GSC doubles the maximum-storage capacity available today for automotive-ready HDDs, realising the highest linear recording density of 1,524k BPI for automotive-grade HDDs.

Other technical benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) include a 78 per cent improvement in internal transfer rates compared with equivalent products on the market, a faster seek time of 12 milliseconds and extremely quiet ‘silent seek’ operation of 23dB.

These features make it ideal for multimedia and navigation applications, which require a combination of high storage capacities and rapid data recall operating to meet users’ satisfaction.

The launch of this product also enables manufacturers to deliver high storage capacity systems that offer exceptional levels of reliability.

The MK2060GSC has been designed to withstand altitude variations of -300m to 12,000m (non-operating), -300m to 5,650m (operating) and operating temperatures of -30C to +85C.

It has also been designed to deliver high levels of operating shock resistance (2,940m/s2) as well as increased vibration resistance.

The MK2060GSC has been launched alongside the MK1060GSC, a further automotive-grade HDD offering storage capacity of 100GB.

Both products in this series of HDDs are suitable for use in industrial settings where extended temperature tolerance is required.

In line with Toshiba’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact, all drives are fully compliant with RoHS regulation and are halogen free.

Toshiba Storage Device Division

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