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Melexis has released the MLX90248, its latest micropower and omnipolar Hall-Effect switch.

The device employs CMOS technology, producing a non-contact magnetic switch with microwatt power consumption.

This product achieves an industry standard for minimal power consumption and satisfies the demands of consumer applications such as flip, slide and clamshell portable handsets, PDAs and personal entertainment devices.

The MLX90248 delivers notable performance improvements while reducing power consumption in portable and handheld devices.

The MLX90248 requires only 1.5V operating voltage.

The MLX90248 is suitable for existing 3V applications.

It can address the growing number of 1.8V applications and meets the reduced power consumption challenges presented by emerging markets.

The MLX90248 also offers increased protection against ESD (electro-static discharge) up to 8kV, safeguarding the IC within its production environment and operation.

The MLX90248 provides magnetic, contactless, solid-state switching for applications demanding special power management schemes, such as standby mode.

The MLX90248 is used for open/close detection in mobile phones and notebooks and for screen rotation detection in digital cameras and camcorders.

The MLX90248 provides a 50 per cent power reduction in the average IC, typically consuming only 5 micro A at 3V, versus 10 micro A consumed by earlier versions.

At even lower voltages, the IC exhibits the industry’s lowest current consumption: 3 micro A at 1.5V or less than 5 micro W.

Magnetic switches traditionally use inexpensive and abundant reed-switches.

Mechanical bouncing and short contact lifetimes contribute to many significant issues encountered with reed-switches.

Time-tested CMOS technology is an alternative that alleviates these shortcomings by providing bounce-free and contactless solid-state switching, resulting in dramatically increased product reliability.

Magnets tend to be small to reduce the module cost.

Smaller magnets generate weaker, less easily detected magnetic fields.

The MLX90248 is classified as a high sensitive sensor, using advanced techniques that allow the stable and repetitive detection of low magnetic fields below 6 Milliteslas (60 Gauss).

Therefore, small and inexpensive magnets are sufficient to trigger the IC.

A common issue that occurs with magnetic sensors during module assembly is the ability to define the magnetic pole’s orientation with respect to the IC.

The MLX90248 features omnipolar switching, assuring that the IC detects the presence of any magnetic pole, north or south, eliminating the need for pole recognition and proper magnet orientation during assembly.

The lead-free MLX90248 is available in the industry-standard TSOT package (MLX90248ESE) and in a 2 x 1.5mm ultra-thin 0.4mm CSP.

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