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Profibus Group is offering Profibus courses at the Profibus International Competence Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Profibus Installer Course, on 10 February, teaches electrical engineers and technicians how to install fieldbus systems.

This one-day hands-on course teaches the design, installation and testing of complete Profibus networks including DP, PA and optical fibre technology.

The course covers bus layout and termination, grounding rules and practices.

It also teaches delegates how to avoid common but potentially expensive installation problems.

The Commissioning and Maintenance course on 11 February is an add-on to the Profibus Installer Course.

It covers the practical techniques of faultfinding on operational Profibus networks.

Techniques taught on the course include the use of a modern Profibus analyser and Class-II master (engineering tool) to diagnose network faults, device faults and I/O problems.

Students also learn how to use a soft digital storage oscilloscope in conjunction with these tools to diagnose and accurately locate cable, connection and device faults.

The Profibus Engineer course, from 17-20 March, is aimed at engineers and technicians that already have a thorough basic technical knowledge of Profibus or other fieldbus systems.

The course covers the detailed theory of Profibus DP and PA network operation.

The course teaches how to design, install and troubleshoot Profibus networks and how to use diagnostic tools to detect faults and identify their causes.

The Profibus Installer Course is a prerequisite to completing the engineer course.

Graduates of the course can also have their name listed in the Profibus Engineer section of the Profibus website.

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