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Intermec has launched the 70 series ultra-rugged mobile computer, comprising four products for a range of applications such as field service, route accounting, postal operations and manufacturing.

The series comprises four distinct products, sharing a common platform and capabilities: CN70 (field service, transportation and logistics); CN70e (direct store delivery/route accounting); CK70 (parcel delivery in courier, express and postal operations) and CK71 (manufacturing and warehousing).

The 70 series features Windows Embedded Handheld.

It also features the EA30 2D scan engine, with good motion tolerance performance and an advanced aiming system, delivering increased productivity and ease of use for scan-intensive applications.

The EX25 near-far scan engine increases the distance and velocity of data capture.

The 802.11n dual-band WLAN enables better connectivity and communication for mobile workers.

The 70 series also features 6ft drop spec across all temperatures, IP67 sealing, Gorilla glass touch panel and indestructible keypad technology, offering reliability and ruggedness.

The Incontrol managed services platform delivers business intelligent from the point of work, along with remote monitoring and diagnostics.

On-board diagnostics and device health monitoring improves service uptime and serviceability of large fleets of devices.

The 70 series is said to conquer daily operational challenges and streamlines productivity with its ability to offer one software build and one set of peripherals, including the Flexdock flexible docking system.

The scalable, modular docking system is equipped for all four form factors, saving space and reducing installation costs, while enabling businesses to future-proof their investment by only having to change docking cups with technology refreshes instead of buying new docking systems.

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