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Microridge Systems has launched the Mobilecollect wireless measurement collection system that supports a broad range of digital and RS-232 gauges, scales and measurement collection devices.

Devices from manufacturers such as Brown and Sharpe, CDI, Federal Maxum, Fowler, LMI, Mahr Federal, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, Starrett, Sylvac and more are supported.

A basic wireless system consists of a transmitter and a base.

With Mobilecollect, the user can choose from several transmitter and base options to fit their gauging and measurement collection requirements.

Mobilecollect supports digital and RS-232 gauges and does not require a setup program for installation and setup.

It features increased transmit power from 1mW to 2mW, which is a nominal range increase from 100ft to 133ft.

This provides greater reliability and more reserve power to overcome radio interferences in working environments.

Users can utilise the RF Sniffer to determine the best channels for Mobilecollect and obtain readings from a gauge without needing an operator to press a button on the gauge or mobile module.

LEDs are bi-colour vs.

single colour, highly visible to the user and also facilitate diagnostics and troubleshooting.

When the read button fails on the cable, the user has a backup option by using the button on the mobile module.

Gauge cable replacement is minimised since mobile module is securely attached to the gauges.

Mobilecollect has lower power consumption than previous-generation wireless systems.

It also features increased program capacity in base and mobile module programs for future updates and enhancement.

New gauges can be associated on the fly.

It is easy to integrate Mobilecollect to measurement and analysis software with many user-selectable formats available.

New features can be added by downloading firmware updates from Microridge Systems’ website.

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