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Test systems specialist Paul Lippke Handels has introduced an entry-level oxygen headspace analyser, the Mocon Pac Check Model 450 EC.

The system is designed as a cost-effective option for companies who are displacing residual oxygen in their packaging headspace with nitrogen or other gas flushing.

The Pac Check Model 450 EC provides a fast and accurate way to determine exactly how much residual oxygen has been left in the package.

A simplified menu structure lets users go from setup to test in less than a minute and can measure an O2 concentration range from 0 to 100 per cent in package types ranging from small blisters to large pouches.

Suitable applications include a variety of gas-flushed products such as case-ready meats, cheese, prepared foods and snacks, as well as medical devices and certain pharmaceuticals.

It is also suited for vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal OEM packaging equipment manufacturers who market modified atmosphere gas flushing capability, as well as gas inerting OEM equipment manufacturers.

The Pac Check Model 450 EC allows automatic and manual gas sampling and includes Mocon’s Flo Smart technology, insuring a correct flow of gas in the testing line, and the one-button, automatic Cal-Smart calibration feature.

Cal-Smart uses ambient air and advanced electronic controls to perform a two-point calibration in contrast to more time consuming certified gas calibrations.

The unit also has temperature and pressure compensation for test consistency.

The Model 450 EC is the first offering in Mocon’s EC class of products, which are based on an advanced electrochemical sensor design.

The sensor can be replaced by plant personnel in less than 10 minutes without the additional cost of a service call or significant downtime.

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