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Frazer-Nash has completed a contract to help the MoD establish an improved regulatory arrangement for military flight simulators used for training pilots.

Flight simulators offer important benefits to the MoD’s pilot training process, in terms of increased pilot safety and reduced training times across a range of tasks and flying environments, as well as a reduction in carbon emissions, noise nuisance and training costs that would result from live flying.

The objective of the work was to establish an improved regulatory arrangement for flight simulators in the future, helping to ensure that simulators remain coherent with the aircraft they replicate, and that pilot competence and flight safety is not compromised with an increasing percentage of synthetic training.

Frazer-Nash’s work involved coordinating separate work strands within the DGSandE (Director General Safety and Engineering) Air Systems Group and working closely with IPTs, front-line commands and aircraft operating authorities.

The programme saw Frazer-Nash coordinate modifications to the existing Military Aircraft Regulation Document Set (MARDS), and demonstrate how this would apply to an aircraft type.

To support the changes, Frazer-Nash produced an example of a typical military flight simulator safety case to demonstrate what changes are needed to comply with any proposed regulations.

In addition, the company conducted a regulatory impact assessment (RIA) of the proposed simulator regulatory arrangements, to demonstrate that the changes offer safety benefits and are realised at an acceptable cost to the MoD.

Lessons were drawn using examples of several military simulators currently used across fast jets, heavy transport aircraft and helicopters.

Frazer-Nash is now preparing proposals for the third and final phase of the project.

This will be to ensure that the objectives for the increased use of military flight simulators are being met and implemented in the way set out by the project team.

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