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The Mod5 Flip-Top BGA Socket provides a compact, surface-mount test solution for micro-BGA chipsets used in applications such as handheld, mobile and wireless product development.

Advanced Interconnections designed the device for test, debug and validation of 0.5mm-pitch BGA devices.

The compact, surface-mount design requires no tooling or mounting holes in the target PC board, maximising real estate while reducing board costs.

Precision-machined spring probes with industry-proven solder balls ensure high-reliability performance.

It accommodates BGA packages up to 12mm squared (22 x 22 rows), with larger sizes available upon request.

Precision machined spring probes offer high bandwidth with low insertion loss.

Compact size (20 x 27mm) enables use on design boards with small keepout zone.

The Flip-Top BGA Socket’s easy actuation with simple cover and turn-screw heat-sink enables quick insertion and extraction.

SMT design lowers test-board costs by allowing the use of alternative pad plating (compared with gold) and eliminating the need for expensive hardware and mounting holes that interfere with PCB traces.

Modular design enables simple reflow processes, similar to BGA devices.

Metallic probes offer proven reliability over elastomeric sockets and long-life (spring-probe contact system life is 200,000 cycles minimum).

Additional mounting options and custom designs are available.

Advanced Interconnections

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