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Model Engineering Solutions has released MTest Classic 2.4: the latest version of the company’s model test manager for Simulink and Targetlink.

This latest version includes some new features: Targetlink sub-modules can now be automatically used for module testing; a new test interface uses defaults and constants to simplify test data definition; and interface extraction has been introduced for Classification Tree Editor (CTE) integration.

MTest Classic, which is a component of model-based development, provides support throughout the entire model testing process, from initial test design to test implementation, execution, evaluation and final documentation.

A graphical user interface and multiple test data definition methods, as well as features such as regression and back-to-back testing, give users a complete solution.

Automatic test report generation means that no extra hours are spent on report collation and that mandatory specifications in safety-critical development are fulfilled.

MTest Classic helps developers comply with industry-wide standards, reducing errors and providing the requisite documentation automatically.

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